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GDP has "bounced back with a lot of consumption, a lot of that consumption is going to China," he added. "That's one of the reasons why China has such a strong economy. So, what we're seeing in the United States is starting to fall behind in economic growth. That's not a new thing. That's been going on for a generation, the U.S. falling behind," Gundlach said. The investor also pointed out that estimates for when China's economy will be the largest "keep getting pulled forward," noting some economists' projections show China's economy will surpass the U.S. by 2028. "We have debt-to-GDP that is fueling the majority of our so-called economic growth. So, is it really economic growth when you borrow money or print money, send checks to people who turn around and buy goods on Amazon in addition to maybe paying down debt and speculating and these goods come in from China?" Gundlach said. He added: "We're running our economy in a way that is almost like we're not interested in maintaining global reserve currency status or the largest military or global call it superiority or control. As long as we continue to run these policies, and we're running them more and more aggressively, we're not pulling back on them in any way, we are looking at a road map that is clearly headed towards the U.S. losing its sole reserve currency status." According to Gundlach, with the current economic policies in place, it's "almost certain" the U.S. dollar should be going down. "The value of the best site dollar is so high because we enjoy global reserve currency status, and we don't really respect it enough. We take it for granted, I guess. We seem to take a lot of things for granted these days in the United States relative to how we thought about things in prior decades and generations. And, I believe we are setting the stage for us to, unfortunately… experience the consequences of our actions the way we have been running a non-serious economic program now, really since 1980, but it's really accelerated so much in the past decade and there's no signs of it abetting," he said. It's Gundlach's view that the U.S.

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Murphy said that testing will be a minimum of once to twice each week. The vaccine mandate for school personnel includes all public, private and parochial preschool programs, along with elementary and secondary schools including charter and Renaissance schools. The order also applies to both full-time and part-time employees. NEW: All preschool-through-12 school personnel are required to complete a full vaccination course or undergo regular testing at a minimum of once to twice each week. — Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) August 23, 2021 "We're continuing to do all we can to ensure a safe start to the school year. Strong masking and vaccination protocols, in tandem with other safety measures, are our best consolidated tool for keeping our schools open for full-time, in-person instruction," Murphy said. Along with teachers, the order also includes administrators, educational support professionals, those providing food, custodial or administrative support services, and substitute teachers - whether employed directly by a school or otherwise contracted - and other school employees. "I believe it protects everyone," said Traci Crespo, a pre-school teacher in Vineland. "I just think everybody's personal opinion... it's just a touchy subject. I personally just want to get back to normal. Whatever it takes to get back to how it was two years ago." Teacher Debbie Gentile said she is already vaccinated and supports Murphy's executive order, but like this said it puts some employees in a tough spot. "It's hard to tell somebody that, in order for them to work in the school system, that they have to be vaccinated," said Gentile, a teacher in Somers Point. "Some people don't believe in getting vaccinated and then to get a test what every week? That's a lot." Murphy also announced Monday that all New Jersey state workers will be under the same vaccine mandate. Those employed at state agencies, authorities, and public colleges and universities are required to complete a full vaccination course by October 18 or undergo regular testing at a minimum of once to twice each week. NEW: All state employees – including those at state agencies, authorities, and public colleges and universities – are required to complete a full vaccination course or undergo regular testing at a minimum of once to twice each week.